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zope security

redundant air conditioning
redundant air conditioning

  • immediate security upgrades
  • unneeded services are disabled
  • logfiles are checked daily
  • network scanning
  • 3 backups a week (if needed, daily)
  • firewall
  • redundant air conditioning (picture →)
  • system monitor with immediate alert to the sysadmins


The software of zopehosting.ch is upgraded immediately if there is any security concern. Upgrades of the functionality software is only done, after we spotted the stability.


You have full access to your own log files.

We are checking the logfiles on a daily basis. This way we learn a lot about the tactics of attackers.


We make daily backups, if needed. Standard is 3 backups a week. There are 3 generations, so we can recover quick in case of disaster. Additionally the servers are synced for quick failover.