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Difference between managed server and root server

Some people try to compare our dedicated servers with nonsupported dedicated root servers from other providers.

The difference is the service that you get. Managed server means:

  • free 24/7 support by phone, VoIP, email or instant messaging
  • free DNS service
  • we are actively monitoring your server security and will inform you immediately if necessary
  • we will upgrade your system with all relevant security upgrades as soon as available
  • we install Red Hat Enterprise Linux software
  • you don't have to be a system administrator to use these managed servers, because we will do all administration for you, but you have root access, if you need it
  • If we offer 100MBit bandwith, you don't have to share these with hundreds of other servers. These 100MBit are shared by not more than 10 servers, and the connection is a direct link to the internet backbone. Small price providers usually won't tell you, that there are some hundreds of other servers sharing your bandwith.

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